films you watch when you're ill


*upcoming* 2020 FILE film festival

-2020 - Other Ways of Watching Together, MaMA, Rotterdam, NL
-2019 - We Might Never Reach You, Nottingham Contemporary, UK
-2019 - Open Mouth Film Festival, London, UK
-2019 - Degree Show 2019, The Glasgow School of Art, UK
-2019 - Excerpts - The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, UK                                  



28 min

16:9, digital HD, colour, stereo sound

- Introduction: New Home - s a k i
- Starboy (live) - ESPRIT
- Kylin Forest | Arcadia Town - Windows96

Like the vivid out-of-body experience of a fever, 'films you watch when you’re ill' pulls you into a world of heightened senses where the boundaries between what is natural and what is synthetic are confused. Things are not always as they seem, and as the camera moves closer, we find worlds within worlds. Sound intensifies, a benign waterfall becomes a roar as a painting appears to animate into life. Images pulse into form out of darkness, drawing us through shifting landscapes that blur so it’s unclear where one ends, and another begins. There are parrots and penguins and pink flamingoes here, but few humans, yet signs of their presence are everywhere.


additional sound:

Agnes Rabbitt Dove

Rory Summers


additional filming:

Winnie Brook Young



Joe Rabbitt